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The Alpha Phi Foundation’s main focus is on women’s heart health and fighting heart disease (the number one killer for women). To adhere to the philanthropic dedication instilled by our founders, Alpha Phi chapters across the country raise money to support this cause. The foundation awards grants that support programs and research that focus on heart health across the country. Not only does the foundation support heart health, but it also focuses on helping Alpha Phi members as well. This is done by advancing leadership education opportunities and helping sisters in need.


The women of Drake Alpha Phi actively devote our time and effort to our two primary philanthropies: the Alpha Phi Foundation and the American Heart Association. Each fall we host the Red Dress Gala, which includes a silent auction, catered dinner, and dancing competition called “Dancing with the Phis”. With the support of our friends, family, and generous Des Moines businesses, we raise thousands of dollars each year for the Alpha Phi Foundation, which is dedicated to improving women’s heart health and helping sisters in need. 

During the spring semester, the women of Drake Alpha Phi host two philanthropy weeks, Go Red Weekend Alpha Phifa. Go Red Week takes place in February, National Cardiac Care Month, and is devoted to promoting women’s heart health on Drake’s campus and raising funds for the American Heart Association. In the spring, Alpha Phis invite the Drake community to participate in Alpha Phifa, a soccer-themed week that traditionally includes an event called Mac and Phis, serenades, and a soccer tournament. All proceeds of Alpha Phifa week benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation!

Picture from Red Dress Gala 2020


From gift exchanges to craft-making to Tuesday night movies, an Alpha Phi’s calendar is packed with fun sisterhood events! These events give us the chance to bond while on campus or exploring Des Moines. Some sisterhood events we’ve had in the past include:

  • Girls Weekend
  • Attending a Comedy Club in downtown Des Moines
  • Trips to Iowa Cubs baseball games and Des Moines Buccaneers hockey games
  • Carving pumpkins and exploring corn mazes at the local pumpkin patch
  • Ice skating in downtown Des Moines
  • Going to Iowa Wild Games at the Wells Fargo Arena
  • ​Saturday mornings spent together at the Farmer’s Market
  • Food Trucks that come to the house
  • Finals week relaxation retreats including yoga on the lawn


After putting in hard work all week in the classroom, Alpha Phi hosts an awesome social calendar filled with fun events for our sisters and their friends to enjoy on the weekends. Our social events include exchanges with other Greek chapters at Drake, themed date parties, a formal event, and the Alpha Phi-exclusive event, VIPhi!

Exchanges: Exchanges foster a fun environment for members of our sorority to come together and build new friendships with members of other sororities or fraternities at Drake. Exchanges in the past have included laser tag, a shrimp boil, attending local sporting events, and other fun activities.

Date Parties: At these events, members get to invite a date to a social gathering. They are usually themed and everyone enjoys dressing to the occasion – in the past, we have had themes such as Luau, America, What Not To Wear, Rock’n’Roll, and Jersey parties! Our most popular social gathering is Phiver, the annual event that kicks off our social calendar in the fall.

Formal: As the name suggests, Formal is a classier event that is comparable to a high school dance. Alpha Phis get to dress up and dance the night away with a date and their sisters at an off-campus venue in Des Moines. No need to drop a lot of cash on your attire for this event – having 100 closets to borrow from makes the event even more fun! 

VIPhi: Among active members, VIPhi is the most anticipated event of all! The guest list is restricted to Alpha Phis only and is a time when we can come together to celebrate each other and recognize why it is that we love being a part of our amazing organization.

Bid Day- Fall 2020

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